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What Are The Ways To Become Agile Learner?

We never know when life can turn things upside down, transforming things from bad to good and best to worse. And surviving in the real world is far more difficult that we used to apprehend in our early life. I saying this in context of career and profession which these days seems full of challenges and risky. I see lot of people of different age who either tend to lose hope even with minor failure. I have also seen a different set of people who at times fail and learn from their failure to snatch success from odds and difficulties. In the contemporary world and I hope in the future too, individuals with real intention to learn will survive. Their ability to accept new knowledge and skill will help them to counter challenges which obviously will secure their prospect in the game of earning success in life. I would not be utterly wrong in saying that a better learner can deal with the sudden blow in career or profession. So, how can we become a better learner? Lets find out.

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Continuous and quick learning from past

Your experience is the best tool where you learn essential techniques and skills. The ability for perpetual and quick learning from experience is learning agility. This set of individuals can adapt and fit any new career challenges. But why do we need to become an agile learner? If you follow the job trend you’ll find that many professionals change their career path in the mid of their life. Moreover, after graduating or passing out from university youth discovers that he needs to learn new things to earn job. People who march forward with the thought in mind the learn from their experience ultimately find success.

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Ways to develop learning agility

People take help from the coach to understand the learning and the automatic routine changes. I can’t deny the fact that support of coach really works. But there are millions of people who don’t have a coach to help them in learning agility. In that case like million others you can help yourself with four effective way:

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  • I am sure you have people around you who watch you perform. Take feedback from people who observe your performance. Their valuable tips and information can incredibly help you to enhance your learning agility. Moreover, it’ll also help you to control your impulse to defend yourself.
  • Testing new behaviours and approaches can also aid to become the agile learner. Two important questions can help you in this regard, firstly- what different can I do in future? And secondly- what the one thing is that can transform the result of the situation? Hence, experiment with thought can assist you to develop the quality of agile learner.
  • Select the field you have the know-how, however, the task should not be associated with your work. Now formulate your skill and experience to override the existing challenge.
  • Knowledge from experience substantial enhances learning ability. Again ask two important question, firstly -what have you learnt from this experience? And secondly- why the outcome is different from what you have expected? This two questions will make sure that your learning continues.

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Choice is yours

Will to learn completely depends on the learner. But since we live in the world of uncertainty it’s always recommendable to evolve as the better learner. So why not possess the quality that will keep you prospect alive for years to come for your career and profession. Besides, if you take the closer look at those who are leading you, you will find that they have one brilliant quality- they have learning agility.

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