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Traditional Educational Institutes To Adopt Online Degrees To Cut Course Fees

The cost of tuition fees in higher education is dramatically increasing year over year. According to a survey conducted by OECD, England, among the other 34 countries, has the highest university fees.

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And in USA between 2003–04 and 2013–14 the cost of undergraduate tuition fees at public educational institutions has increased by 34 percent, as stated by National Center for Education Statistics.

In this scenario, online learning is empowering the students with the opportunity to obtain an undergraduate degree without investing much of their time and money.

The popularity of online learning among the advanced learners is increasing significantly ever since technology has started infusing with the learning process. The most important aspect of relying on this upgraded mode of learning is its cost-effectiveness. Today more and more traditional educational institutes are embracing online degree courses as a vital part of their educational program.

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Online degree courses are paving the way to a better and brighter future for the working students. Students who are working full-time and hold the desire to continue their study are left with no other options but to participate in an online degree course supported and promoted by traditional college or university which will cost them less than what they had to pay. So rather than quitting the job and going back to college the smartest way to gain a degree is to opt for online learning, where students are offered with a tailored study schedule with which they can continue their education at their own pace.

According to a survey organised by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, ‘On average, English undergraduates paid just under £6,000 in annual tuition fees in the 2013-14 year, after the government’s decision to triple maximum fees.’ This sudden increase in tuition fees will certainly put the future of higher studies at risk, until and unless universities and colleges decide to collaborate with online learning institutes.

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A fair amount of discount on tuition fees can be earned by enrolling in online degree courses. Digital degrees are definitely a cost-effectiveness approach to learning. As to Mr. Horrocks, the vice chancellor of Open University, online learning is making university courses more “cost effective and time effective”.

“Students wanting to take an exam and gain credits…(through online) will have to pay £545, but,” confirms Sean Coughlan, award-winning BBC News correspondent, “it will lead to a discount of £750 on tuition fees for a full degree.”

Contrary to the popular notion online degrees are well accepted by the employers across the sectors. As technology is gaining its ground in every aspect of our life more and more jobs are being created every day, so much so that students having traditional degree alone can’t fill the job-exigency. As a result, advanced learners from different educational background are banking on low-cost online degrees to transmute their career into an upgraded one.

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