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The Wrong Notion About Online Learning Is Fading Away

There is some disbelief regarding online education. Many say that no match for traditional learning. According to this set of people face to face education is the fit learning system and there is no match for it. The proponents of classroom learning view online learning as inferior compared to the traditional.

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However the fact are contrasting. It’s predicted that global online education market will grow with CAGR rate of 17.81% from 2016 to 2020. Millions of students are taking e-learning at present. Now the question is- Why online learning is growing? Why such vast number of students are engaged to paid online courses and free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)?

The answer is simple. Online distance learning is the most effective education tool in the modern time which delivers high quality education with great element of learning flexibility at very low price. So how Read on.

Techs backed learning

There were doubts when education technology was developed with the intention to improve the learning and teaching. Many were sceptical about how these techs would enhance education. But day by day and year to year more techs were designed. Gradually it was adopted by educators and education institutes.

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Now education technology plays the crucial role in delivering and receiving learning. This has raised the standard of education. Backed by techs, online learning emerges alternative tool of education. As days passed the image of e-learning shifted from the alternate tool of education to fit and convenient tool of knowledge.

This was made possible by adopting the technology into learning. Besides mobile technology or mobile learning have revolutionised the concept of online learning. Which allowed students to carry e-learning in the pocket. Besides, there came other techs like cloud hosting, learning apps and others As the quality and concept of education improved it showed how important is the role of technology in education.

The delusion

There are misapprehensions that critics of online learning have developed ignoring the reality. Many thought e-learners have no advantage like the students of traditional format where interaction between the learners and teachers occurs. They say interaction is the very crucial element in the education system. Though this fact cannot be denied, however, reality should have been checked.

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At present, all the online institutes make sure that interaction takes place between the students and teachers. The communication between the learner and educator occurs via online video conference, chat, discussion and forums.

There are plenty of scope for the students to clear doubts and questions related to topics, lessons or subjects. Moreover, online learning facilitators make sure that feedback is provided in the real time so that students study does not get stuck to a particular point.

This practice of learning created the environment of personalised learning. Many students say that in the crowded classroom they felt cornered. But in the case of online learning, all the students are first to sit in the front to take the class. Rich or poor every irrespective of their socio-economic status everyone receives the same quality of learning and teaching at the online platform. So no disparity persists in the case of e-learning.

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There is a wrong notion about online education that it’s nothing but a commodity. This view is absolutely incorrect. Had it been so- then how so many students have earned reputed job and position obtaining digital qualification? Why employers across the world are accepting and recognising online courses? Why the value of online education has increased? Why top universities like Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and others offering online learning?

The critics need to answer all the above questions before making any inaccurate allegation about online education.

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Collaborate and integration

Nothing can be achieved by making the baseless allegation about online education, specially when it has the ability to cater meaningful education. Rather all should collaborate to make it even more assertive learning tool. Let’s us integrate online learning into tradition learning to benefit the system as well the learners. Online learning has already been integrated into classroom learning in the form of blended learning by many schools and higher education institutes worldwide. So let’s unite and create better education design which benefits us all.

Is online education is being targeted unnecessarily? Post your view and opinion.

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