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The Right Education: Future Of Universities And Innovations

Education is transforming. Now lots of discussion held how more innovation could raise the bar of education. Besides, we all talk much about education technologies that makes education relevant, resourceful and effective. Together it made online learning accessible to million of learners. Take reference of the Massive Open Online course (MOCC) and low cost comprehensive online learning courses that is delivering essential knowledge to the student across the world. Now people are anticipating about what will the face of the future universities. Let’s see what lies ahead for future university and innovation for education.

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University of Future

There are many expectation and speculations regarding the future of the university.

According to Dr Peter Diamandis, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Singularity University, “Creating curiosity among children so they discover their passions, take their own moonshots and bring their own dreams to life will be the role universities play in the future. A classroom where everything you question can come to life will be fascinating.”

Let us find what according to him would be the future of university:

Cost Free – The top education would be available for all at free of cost similar to the internet where one have the free entry to huge resources of information.

Customised – The individual needs of the all the students will be personalised via artificial intelligence. Here the teacher will have the idea about the interest of the learner, their abilities, sturdiness and flaws.

Virtual – Sessions of the classroom will be controlled essentially to encourage team effort/collaboration, social occurrence.

Inspiration – Learning will drive students to encourage to chase their dreams and goal stimulating learners to possess more knowledge that entices them.

Real time – Learning to be catered at the point when the anyone seeks to learn, besides it would continue for rest of the life.

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Innovations & Transformation for Learning

Innovation is like water on plant earth. The importance of innovation in human life will continue till it’s existence on our planet. Without it, mankind will cease to explore the road ahead. Therefore, modern techs that will play significant role in the future of learning would be including –

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Artificial intelligence (AI): It’s expanding and transforming. This’ll allow the learner to know the contemporary AI abreast the typical apps of AI. Moreover, the students will know about several other applications. This as a whole will help to t amplify human ability afar our insight.

Virtual reality: The artificial environment of classroom lectures crafted with Apps and Software that will give the students feel of a real learning environment.

Augmented reality: The virtual reality will replicate world environment with 3D printing in the computer or other digital mobile devices.

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Aiming Future

Recently concluded World Government Summit at Dubai discussions revolved around the future university and innovation. It’s evident that the world knows the value of digitisation of education to meet the future requirements of the students. The way online learning has made the progress, I am not at all sceptical about the above-mentioned ideas. Though I believe there still is time to reach that point but we are definitely not far from it.

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