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Save The Planet and Cost of Education by Studying Online

A sudden rise in the tuition fees at both university and college level has recently stood up as the major factor of discouragement among the learners on the threshold of higher studies. The discouragement towards the traditional learning approach has given birth to a new learning form in the name of online learning. The concept of learning via online soon became quite popular among learners wishing to pursue higher studies without any hassle. Well, the reasons behind the popularity of online learning are actually multiple. Take a look –

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  • The Learning Advantage

A learner pursuing higher studies via online learning can easily enroll for the class at his or her own convenience and comfort without any regular need of attending classes within a strict period. He or she can also schedule the entire course matching his or her individual pace. From accessing classes to submitting assignments online, learning via online offers complete freedom to the learner.

  • The Professional Advantage

Learning via online also allows the learners to pursue higher studies or career advancing course alongside continuing work. This would enable the learners to take a better step forward in the professional industry backed by practical experience in the field and the required skills for development and growth. Pursuing a career advancing course via online always lets you build up a knowledge base required for initiating growth in your career.

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  • Advantage of Studying in Remote corners

The concept of learning via online also allows the learners from remote corners of the world to pursue higher studies without any hassle. All that is required is a computer and Internet connection. There are several countries around the world that have been facing continuous political turmoil affecting the educational environment of the same. The emergence and advancement of online learning has allowed the learners based in such countries to take up higher education at ease.

  • The Green Learning Advantage : Go Green, Save The Planet

Additional to all these advantages, online learning also comes with an exclusive benefit of promoting green learning or working for the environment sustainability. According to researches, learning via online can help in reducing the carbon footprint of students thereby, inviting a reduction in printing costs, transportation costs, fuel emissions, etc. Additionally, it also allows saving electricity and paper, which is much needed to sustain the environment to a superior standard. Apart from promoting green learning, online learning also provides learning at an affordable cost.

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Know How Much You Save

Well, if you seem to be doubtful about the cost saving aspect associated with the educational approach of online learning, you must take a look at the online learning cost savings calculator. This particular calculator allows you to estimate the amount that you can save while taking classes through the following determining aspects -

  • The miles that you drive to and from your campus
  • The gas mileage of your car (specifically in gallon per miles)
  • The price of gas according to each gallon
  • Other costs that are attached to your daily commuting including parking and transportation costs
  • The time you spent while commuting daily from campus
  • The child care cost involved for the time spent while studying
  • The value of your time

Therefore, shed your inhibitions today and calculate your savings by taking up online classes with a determined approach.

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