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Research & Homework: How To Manage Assignments Online?

The education and learning techniques are changing. New patterns and models have evolved where knowledge programmes are designed to help the student to reach his/her real goal. This purpose of modern age education gave way to online distance learning. With the single tap on the screen on the mobile devices or click on the PC/laptops students get access to the vast resources of knowledge. For some years, online education is facilitating skill-building and up gradation of further knowledge. There are several advantages of online learning that has made it a popular tool for taking lesson references for homework, assignments, projects and so on. Let me take reference of the report of NBN Co which surveyed 1000 students and revealed that 75 percent take online assistance for school homework. The study also shows that 51 percent took support from online videos to assist their research work.

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Homework @ online

The role of the school post campus learning hours needs to be changed. This’ll help for the beneficial pedagogical. It’s imperative that parents and children are provided with the tools so that they can organise and control learning post hour post classroom hour. To make the next classroom activity more engaged, this tool is essential from the perspective of the teachers. So, with flipped learning, before going to the school, students see brief video lectures at own place. This allows classroom activity to focus more on projects, practice and discourse. It personalises learning. Let’s see the benefits of online learning that help students in their homework:

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Learning with the cloud: Flipped learning generally occurs at home. It can be the bedroom or study room of the student. With mobile devices or computer, the student can engage in online learning to manage their homework. And the best part is- no need to install software on the device and no headaches of maintenance of the application. Because the entire thing is taken care by the service provider.

Learning support: With this cloud-based online home learning supports the stress is lowered from the parents and teachers. There are services which offer round the clock student support.

Covers all: The online cloud-based learning provides support for every subject covering varied topics.

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Role of video & other media

Videos and different media namely social network site like Facebook, Google Plus etc. allow students to grow manifold. How does both help let’s find out:

Video: Videos contents are recorded. Hence, the learner can rewind the videos to relearn to understand the subject or the topic. Besides, these can be viewed on any digital device like smartphone, tablet, iPad, PC, laptop.

Social Media: At social media site student discuss and exchange their ideas on different topics and subjects. It helps them to understand how they are doing the homework or project work. Besides, they share the corrective approach and techniques for doing the home assignment and project work.

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E-learning & engagement

The online learning has managed to engage the student in participating in valuable learning. There are some factors which help the web learning to entice the learners, they are:

Pertinent learning: Relevant knowledge and learning resources make study less complicated. It matches the school coursework as well as the research work.

Learning environment: Online learning allows the learners to select their study place. That means the student can learn at the place of their choice. Thus, it creates the favourable learning environment by giving the pupil freedom to choose the place to learn.

Connect with teacher & peer: Scopes are there for online students to interact with other students of the learning community as well as with online teacher.

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Repositories of learning resources

From the survey of NBN Co, it’s evident that while researching, students leniency towards the internet is growing. The Web is huge, it’s like unending. One can type his/her requirement at search engines like Google, Bing and so on, to find hundred and thousands of relevant resources in the form of video, audio, text and presentations. Every single data of research value are currently available online.

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Can not avoid

It’s difficult to ignore the reality of popularity and benefits of the online platform. It assists students of primary to higher to meet their homework, project, assignment and research work. Education experts foresee online learning growing and facilitating educational support needed for meaningful learning.

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