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Online Learning, Smarter Way To Become A Scholar

Those days are long gone when education only meant to be the limitation of traditional schools and institutes. Students are not dependent on their school text books any more. Online learning has opened a completely new avenue in front of the students and learners.

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Challenges in Traditional Learning

Traditional learning is currently posing various challenges in front of the students. Traditional learning is not flexible at all according to the needs of the students. Rather it is a system where students are expected to abide by the regulations and limitations. Universities and institutes often do not offer the desired subject or combination that a student wishes for. Moreover, when someone is thinking about pursuing a professional course it becomes difficult for them often because it becomes expensive. The biggest limitation of any traditional course is the resources are always limited. On the other hand, online courses are giving the students all these facilities and even more.

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Advantages of Online Course

Online learners are always at the advantageous side. There are many advantages of online courses. Take a look at them and you will get a clear idea why online course are becoming so popular these days.

Variety of Course and Cheaper Rate

Online learning offers variety of courses to the learners. Traditional institutes often fail to do that because for a course they will need infrastructure and faculties. But in the case of the institutes who provide distance learning do not need to do that. Since the whole learning process happens online, it doesn’t need any infrastructure whatsoever.

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Traditional courses are costlier because one has the cost of transportation and resources to take care of. However, for online course, one doesn’t need to travel and run across the campus and moreover the resources are available online. So, when you have a computer with an internet access you are good to go.

Learning in Most Comfortable Environment

When you are opting for an online course you can study at the most comfortable environment. There is no need of running around in the campus and rushing for lectures. You can attend your lecture, webinar or anything at any time. It is surely one big advantage of e-learning. It is you who would decide the convenient time and place of learning. It is not at all an exaggeration if I say that online learning means bringing education to home.

Convenience and Flexibility

This is the reason why working professionals find online course as the best option. Online courses are extremely flexible. You are the one who would decide the time of study. It is in your hand when you want to study. As resources are always available online it is totally your call.

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It is beneficial for working professionals because if someone wants to pursue a course yet needs to work to provide themselves, online courses are their only option. They will be able to stick to the job as well as learn their desired subject too.

More Interaction

Contrary to the popular belief, it is the online course that lets the learner to interact more. In a traditional classroom learning environment it often becomes tough for a learner to come forward and communicate or take part in the group discussion. The way of expression for everyone is not similar. Moreover, in a traditional classroom it becomes difficult for the faculty to concentrate or focus on individual development.

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Online courses are beneficial in this regard too. Introvert students becomes more comfortable in interacting because often they are comfortable to talk through chat. It also ensures that the learners get the chance of individual development as the course can be moulded towards personalised learning.

Improvement in Technical Skill

As online learning requires the students to use and navigate different program management system they become technically sound. Basically, online courses are dependent on self discipline and self learning. That is why it is important to develop individual skill in order to manipulate all resources. The institutes who provide online course are also using various new technologies to ensure the security of resources. It is obvious that the learners need to become technically experts too.

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Various institutes are coming forward with more advanced technology to ensure students get the best of online learning.

“We are on the ground thinking about e-learning and academic technologies,” Provost Michael Kotlikoff of Cornell Online Learning Community (COLC) told the audience of more than 100 faculty and staff members gathered in G-10 Biotech. “Our students expect it.”

“Last fall eCornell took a step forward and supported the ILR School in the launch of an online master’s program in human resource management,” he said.

Currently, different universities are coming up with different technologies. As everyone is working towards only one target, that is, the betterment of students these technologies are ensuring more advancement in the course of learning.

The provost of the above mentioned organisation, Krause said, “People won’t sit through long videos of someone talking.” On screen, he offered an example of cutting from a lecturer to an animation.

No wonder this would surely attract more and more attention from the learners.

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Transferring credits is also another advantage of online courses. Taking online classes from an accredited college and transferring the credits to their primary college is a good idea, especially when someone is not able to attend classes, such a advantage becomes convenient for a student.

Though online learning demands utmost self discipline it is also important to know that it is the thing that you want to opt for.

What do you think about the advantages of online leaning? Share your thoughts in comments.

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