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Online Learning : Lowering The Risk Of Disengagement Of Students

Online learning is the impelling tool for taking learning in the busy schedule of life. It’s, though, more suitable for the professionals but students of schools, college and university level can are benefited largely. The online distance learning comprises the most pertinent learning with the advanced education system. The e-learning course contains reliable researched learning contents with quality teaching techniques. Distance online learning programmes allow the learner to participate in knowledge activities without compromising the obligations. But despite the growth of online education there is tendency to disengage from the midst of the online learning. There is little doubt about the benefit of online learning but the drop-out has raised question of its ability to retain students. Read on.

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Why online learning drawing students?

Let’s first understand why has e-learning has managed to entice students. The usefulness of online learning allows the learner to refer to learning contents and interactions according to own convenience. For professionals distance, online courses are boon. They can upgrade their skill with leaving their current job. Especially the women professionals are benefited by the e-leaning programmes. Women with job and family obligations juggle to balance life. To advance their knowledge and skill many women take online education.

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Apart from the flexibility of learning at own convenient time and place, the digital distance courses teaches the relevant knowledge with comprehensive study. The advance learning help the students to understand the latest trends in the respective area or fields. Besides, the online learning allows the learner to carry knowledge contents in their devices like smartphone, tablet, laptop, iPad etc. Most web distance courses contains learning apps provided by the institutes for the benefit of the learner. Thus, e-learning is viewed as the most effective tool for enhancing educational qualification and acquiring new skill.

Where the concern lies?

In the growing popularity and student enrolment, online learning administrators have to also look at the flaws. It’s because, since online distance learning self controlled and motivational learning the culmination of the course depends on the students. Hence, at the certain point of time, many learners tend to loose the patience and momentum to finish the learning programmes. Hence, institutes need to rethink on the measures to keep students engaged to the course learning.

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According to a research students disengage because of several factors. They are:

  • Since online learning is resilient, students develop the perception that they can learn with taking considerable time. While stretching the course duration the learner tend to lose the interest, dedication and motivation for the learning programme. Before taking an online course student think that they would complete the programmes learning by devoting some volume of time to learning. This perception ultimately become one prime reason of disengagement. Because of the fact that online learning requires same seriousness and devotion as in the case of campus learning. The digital tool and learning is there to add element of convenience and flexibility.
  • Crafting pertinent learning course is good but institutes cannot ignore another crucial part- learning support for the students. While e-leaning students might require support on different areas like solving question, clearing doubts etc. Also, the support system needs to encourage the learner to follow the learning frequently to culminate the course take to device new qualification for career advancement.
  • Institutes have to create favourable and constructive social and working bonding for the utter success of the online. Online learning has the ability to provide a platform and scope for greater social and professional networking.
  • Traditional and learners taking online education for the first time have told researchers that about the struggle and discomposure with using the techs to take e-learning.

According to the researchers, “A future challenge for distance education providers is to develop student’s academic capital and social confidence in the digital environment.”

  • According to the research, the disengagement from the online course happens at the second semester and before the submission of the final project.

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Corrective measures

Institutes and online course designers should take all the preventive measures to stop the drop out. At the same time should be initiative to re-engage the drop outs to culminate the online course learning. Online learning is considered as the future of education. Thus, all should collaborate to ensure that the most advanced learning tool is effectively used to deliver meaningful learning to the students.

Post you comment on how do you think can be done to engage and encourage students to complete online learning programme.

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