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Online Education : Is It The Real Learning Tool?

Traditional classroom learning or online learning? It seems like debate is not going to end very soon. I find people are divided over their views on campus education and e-learning. The believers of traditional learning uphold how classroom learning has over the years delivered successfully. But it seems that new age learning i.e. online learning is far reaching impact. The latest technology has made e-learning a handy tool that enables a learner to attain education easily. The learning advantages of online education is many. A learner can engage to study at any point of time with his convenience. Here, at online education, student can choose the time to involve in educational activities. Abreast, the student has also the advantage to select the study place or location. It can be students study room or any restaurants. Moreover, the you can use the device of your preference to educate. It can be your Smart-phone, iPad, Laptop, PC or Tablet. Another benefit is that students can download study materials in their device to refer it according to their convenience.

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Bending on online learning

Many educationalist are falling for online learning. They find it engaging and meaningful tool of education. Barbara Oakley, Professor Engineer, Oakland University feels that online education is more advantageous for learners. In her article published in science magazine Nautilus she wrote about online education highlighting the advantages.

She wrote, “One of the tricks used by many of the past greats in science has been to imagine themselves transported into what they’re trying [to] understand. [Albert] Einstein famously imagined himself chasing a beam of light to help him formulate theories of relativity. Nobel Prize winner Barbara McClintock imagined herself in the realm of the ‘jumping genes’ she became famous for discovering. We can help our students to develop the same sort of intuition as these Nobel Prize winners by bringing objects to life in video in a way that’s virtually impossible to do in a classroom. We can walk into the mitochondria of a cell, or the ionic interaction that sparks an aurora, or the spiralling epiphany of Euler’s equation.”

It is evident from the writings of Oaklay that e-learning is going to find its root in the education system. Though everyone may not agree with her but the facts and figures presented by several survey and reports suggests that online learning is thriving and will accelerate further.

Learning with ease

Online courses are designed to adjust with the need and convenience of the learner. Learning with the flexibility of time and place is perfect advantage where the learner can engage to virtual classroom with his own pace and convenience. You can refer to word or PDF format or can download the video content. Videos contents are extremely helpful, you can play form where you left or can hold the class to pause mode. The quality of the videos are unchallenging. The high definition videos with clear sound will give you better learning environment than classroom learning.

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E-Leaning: fixing the concern

You can Google to find the advantages of the online learning. I am sure you’ll find enough information on how online education is benefiting million of online students to accomplish their education and skill quest. Students of different categories like professionals, women’s and academic learners are referring to e-learning based on their requisite. I don’t disagree with the critics of the online education that greater focus and efforts should be enforced to enhance the quality of online learning. I apprehend the concerns string to it will finally drive appreciation from its critics.

It can be apprehended that with rising from the issues related to the online learning would help the real purpose. Online education and traditional learning will exist by next to each other but instead of debating which is better we have realise the real fact – E-learning is the future of education & is reality.

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