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Online Education: Delivering Learning With Greater Accessibility And Flexibility

The effort to make education system effective and meaningful is still on across the globe. In the process to make education easily available and accessible educationalist, course designers and technology experts formulated a better format of distance learning, which we know as Online learning.

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Decade ago Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) came into existence. This was the beginning of the new era of education in the modern world. The interest towards online learning grew from thereon which spread to sprout online colleges. These e-learning institutes focused on providing quality education to the students at the affordable price with flexible learning option. Read on.

Why online learning earned massive popularity?

MOOC and online courses became popular for certain reasons which were never offered in the past. Online education is the platform where students have the freedom to learn according to their own availability. Since one is not bounded by time at online learning, the study can be taken at own convenience. Besides, students have the advantage of learning from any location. Abreast, the benefit of online learning is many. Generally, MOOC courses are free, however, for test and accreditation, students have to pay the nominal amount. There are many quality online courses which are offered by top institutes at the low price. Hence, anyway, students need not pay the huge amount for the acquisition of knowledge and skill via e-learning courses. Moving on from the cost of learning to technology used in online distance learning, the techs devised in e-learning are amazing. There are mobile techs which allow study of web-based courses even from the smart phone, tablet and other mobile devices alongside computer systems. Overall, online learning is the platform where access to standard education.

According to Joe Mathewson, Co-Founder of the UK learning platform Firefly, “Pupils can learn at their own pace in their own learning style. Parents can join in and support their children by having access to the learning resources and seeing their progress.”

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Delusion about online learning

There is some self-deception about online learning. Without knowing the fact, some think that it’s only about reading texts and watching videos. This conception about e-learning is completely wrong. Online distance courses offer interactive learning where students have the opportunity to interact with online faculty and peers via discussion, chat, forum and video conference. This also helps students to build the network with international students who participate in online learning from different parts of the world.

According to Professor Alberto Alemanno of HEC Paris, “The key traits of a truly useful Moon are relevance, clarity, consistency, and quality of teaching. The programme must be on a subject that has a real impact on the applicant. The course should be offered by a limited number of instructors – students should do their research, watch the course trailer and so on before registering.”

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Future education

Different people have the different outlook to see things. But facts cannot be ignored. Online learning or MOOCs are the fit tools to gain crucial knowledge and skill which has helped millions to advance their education and know-how. In the coming years, the value of e-learning and MOOC will increase further because of its ability to deliver quality education with real benefits. With acceptance towards online education growing, it has the potential to become the future of education.

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