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Learning Gets An Online Tag To Deliver Career-Based Education

‘Real teachers in real time delivering active learning online’. That’s the trick online learning has been doing ever since an alternative learning process is needed to pass on knowledge to the advanced learners.

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To understand the need of any alternative way of learning let’s delve deep into the deficiency that traditional learning is creating in the domain of imparting quality learning. Today, students in need of active learning are banking on online learning simply because it is bridging the gap between the learning without hands-on experience that traditional learning institutes are imparting and the career-oriented learning that is required to get a suitable job title. And, to be very precise, online learning alone is serving the purpose of education.

Harsh it may sound but the present framework of educational system which relies too much on traditional way of teacher-centered learning is affecting badly on the entire learning generation. How so? Scholars say traditional learning is catering a less-engaging study method. This is mainly because teachers in traditional schools do not pay heed to the shy students who has the less participation ratio in schools and colleges. On the other hand online learning backs up effective learning in which the course modules and programs are constructed in such a way that the engagement of students in learning is becoming way higher than ever.

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What drives learners to learn online?

The flexibility, the cost-effectiveness and above all the opportunity to ‘learn’ without compromising the learner’s responsibilities towards life and career is driving them to bank on online learning. All these features need to be discussed through and through.

Online learning offers a flexible approach to learning – it arms the students with rights on what to learn and when to learn. No matter what educational background a student possess this mode of learning allows them to choose what they love to learn from what they need to learn.

As the global economic scenario is changing with a pace traditional learning institutes are increasing tuition fees in an uncontrolled way. In this situation, online learning offers a cost-effective way of learning because the knowledge is delivered through smart-phone via internet.

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E-learning is a proven solution to those who are working and want to add a zing to their resume for further career improvement. A full-time working professional can enrol in an online MBA course to get a raise in salary. Rather than spending much of your time and money and going back to college to learn students are preferring the online platform to obtain knowledge.

The majority of leaders, scholars and educationalists think that online learning is making a big difference. As Mark A. Edwards, superintendent of Mooresville (NC) Graded School District (MGSD), puts it,

“We believe that relevant, personalized, collaborative, and connected learning experiences enhance student engagement, which in turn drives student achievement. Although these learning experiences were available in a more limited way before the advent of technology, digital conversion has taken them to an entirely new level.”

Online degrees – are they valid?

Yes, they are! If an individual decides to get an MBA degree or participate in any course that will offer him a bright career then he can do it without doubting its authenticity. Because the degrees, gained through online educational institutes, are all accredited and well accepted by the employers all around the world.

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Contrary to popular notion, directors and managers often prefer students having an online degree, because this mode of education enhances their responsibility and determination. So, if you are thinking to upgrade your career with quality education go for online learning without any doubt. This is definitely the smartest, cheapest and risk-free step you can always take to in the race.

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