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Impact Of Virtual And Traditional Learning On The School Goers

The concept of learning has eventually changed for the school goers. The virtual learning form has taken over. Unlike the brick and motor course, where learning was restricted within boundaries, now no more. The primary focus of the virtual classroom depends on expanding the lesson plans. “We can offer more opportunities,” said Patti Hammel, the district’s director of student performance.

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The online learning besides providing access to the STEM subjects like science, engineering, technology and maths, it also provides employment opportunities to a large number of students. Hammel further says, “Our intent is not to bring you classes you would do at home.” Just like the conventional classes, the online classes will be able to provide all the benefits of taking exams, previewing lectures as well as passing with the same with dignity via distance learning courses. Not only this, the students will also get full guidance and approval of the educators in case of problems.

Describe traditional classroom and virtual learning form

Traditional classrooms refer to those brick and motor learning rooms where the students had to attend classes in order to be certified with a degree. However, the virtual learning form is just the opposite. It involves login into an educational website to go through the digital notes of the educators. The flexibility of the course allows the students to sit back at home and study in their convenient times. Now it is often the question among the learners as to whether they would get equal employment opportunities if they study online as compared to the traditional learning form? Though it is believed that the employers do not value the online certificates to that extent, it is not exactly the case. A UK degree besides being important is highly valued by the employers. If you are a UK degree holder, you need no worries and can well expect bright future ahead.

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Benefits of connected classrooms over traditional classrooms

Though not fully, however still the effective and the high rank companies have tried to inculcate mobile learning into the field of education since years. Decades have passed but the ideas have not changed. Soon the concept came to be infused as blended learning in order to facilitate the learning form to promote education. Students no longer learn from the blackboards but from the video-clips, lectures and chat-boards. In the connected classroom setting, the traditional requisites of training has been replaced by multi-screens and projectors. Every student would have their own tablets through which they can learn effectively without hassles.

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Take a look at the ways how Connected Classrooms contribute to Effective Learning:

Strengthen teacher student relationship: In the connected classroom setting, teachers and students can interact from anywhere they wish to. They need not restrict themselves to a scheduled time with a chalk and blackboard. In the traditional learning environment the teachers and the students would feel like they have been locked up in a room where they need to forcefully sit and listen to the lectures for hours. Now no more. Mobile learning has made downloads and surfing so easy. Apart from this the responsive designs have made work on smartphones so easier.

Instant feedback: Though the invention of mobile learning, the teachers and students can instantly view the progress and updates of each other and provide feedback instantly.

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Improves student involvement: What happened in the traditional classrooms were that whenever a teacher would ask a question to the student, he or she would feel shy or uneasy to participate in front of a large number of other students in class. Now the concept no longer exists. Educators can directly ask questions over tablets and the students can instantly answer.

Flexibility in education: This is one of the vital and the most important advantage in connected classroom settings. Technology has infused learning in such a way that no commuting charges are involved. The teachers can teach from their own convenient places in their own preferred timings and the students can learn from the comfort of their homes.

Future of connected classrooms

The connected classroom learning has made its future with huge online environment. The new form of classroom learning has transformed education to a large extent. Blended learning has got transformed to MOOCs, a Massive Open Online Course that eases the way of education. Teachers will be able to impart education with the use of graphics. These will be mostly beneficial for those who are professionals. Candidates who are involved in some jobs apart from learning, it is not possible for them to attend regular classes for training. They can easily sit back at their homes and access their PCs to study. The technology calls for 24 hours services, without a strict class timetable.

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Mobile learning has created a benchmark for itself in the recent learning era. Many schools and colleges are adopting the concept of blended learning and MOOCs to enhance the process of education. Students and professionals who are engaged in a full time job are mostly opting to take up the online mode of studies. Many business schools will offer university pathways to help the students. The costs are much lower as compared to other universities. After you earn your diploma you can then top up to a bachelors or masters degree online or on-campus through a UK university.

Inference gathered

There have been lots of contradictions regarding the availability and importance of online learning or the connected form of learning mode. The educational videos and chats have made its way regarding the effectiveness of teaching and the ability of the students to learn. Ed-connective is one of the most effective startups that offer virtual training mode to the experienced and the inexperienced teachers or educators online in order to help them train the students.

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“The bottom-line for every teacher I’ve worked with is that they care about improving student learning,” said Vargas, the Ed-connective coach. He further mentions, “And what’s beautiful about teaching is that there’s always room to grow. Every year is a new crop of kids and a fresh start.”

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