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Impact of digitalisation on learning

Information technology has changed the concept of education as digitalisation plays a major role in learning. Technology has made online learning much stress-free for the students. Playstations and ipads are slowly making the classroom environment into virtual learning room for the students. Since today’s learning concept is all about learning from inside and outside the room, the traditional form of learning will not be that suitable. Instead online mode of education should be widely adopted and implemented in the schools and colleges to ease the method. Teachers are becoming more and more used to the concept of digitization, however, a lot more needs to be done for development of the current scenario. Technologies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Hp have taken approaches to transform the virtual world with the help of their tablets, ipads etc. Digital library has taken a new form with 3D contents.

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All about digitalisation in education

The emergence of excellent form of education that are inexpensive and efficient calls for high volume of learning. A large number of information becomes easily available in seconds. The learning experience becomes game-like and easier. The concept collectively refer to as digitalisation that has made our lives easier. With the increase in smartphones and tablets leraners can now days download educational apps, files, purchase books from digital library etc. For today’s generation there is no word called impossible! They are tech savvy and are well versed with internet. A classroom once viewed as hours of lecture is now a ten minutes video conferencing. Digitalisation has transformed the value of education in minimal price. Almost every schools and colleges have adopted the updated softwares for development.

How technology has transformed the concept of teaching?

Technology has transformed the concept of teaching to a large extent. More and more teachers are getting trained how to deal with the updated softwares and according teach the students. A smart teacher is the one who imparts education in the form of video chat. He calls his students for 1 hour, talk to them and clear doubts online. He takes online exams, gives scores online and promotes the candidate. This fast how technology has taken over! The student has no fear of missing out a lecture if he fails to reach college on time and he passes with flying colours!

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Future of digitalisation on learning

In rapidly changing technological environment, digitalisation is taking place quite fast. It has taken over the traditional librarians with the introduction of virtual library. This is refer to as digital learning. If such is the case now, what could be its future? The coming world will see everything technical. More and more interactive education will be possible will the help of technology. Video chat, live discussions, mailing will be easer with newer and innovative softwares. The form of learning will be personalised and every student can take the davantage of distraction free learning. They will avail a heap of information in the least cost.

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Inference collected

The future of teaching is something we can well imagine or may be we cannot! Digitalisation has taken its pace and will so continue in future. Earlier when we used to rely on the hard binding text books, now we have become more and more dependent on Pcs and tablets. More innovative technologies will be created and who knows we may see a wholly technical world by the next two years down the line!

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