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How Does A Connected Classroom Improvises Learning

Though not fully, however still the effective and the high rank companies have tried to inculcate mobile learning into the field of education since years. Decades have passed but the ideas have not changed. Soon the concept came to be infused as blended learning in order to facilitate the learning form to promote education. Students no longer learn from the blackboards but from the video-clips, lectures and chat-boards. In the connected classroom setting, the traditional requisites of training has been replaced by multi-screens and projectors. Every student would have their own tablets through which they can learn effectively without hassles.

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Though the innovation of the digital learning models have been at its peak, many countries still lack the use of the upgraded technology. However, this shows lack in the learning process of the students as they are going more and more towards robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The schools and collages need to upgrade their curriculum and train the students with new skills. However, the portion of the country such as the west that focuses on the emerging effect of the cellular services have seen great connectivity among the teachers and the students thus improving the concept of mobile learning.

In what way Connected Classrooms contributes to Effective Learning?

Digital learning has finally taken over. We no longer need to worry about how we can continue our studies along with perusing full time jobs. All has become so easy with the introduction of digital tools. Earlier something which took hours now requires a minute.

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Take a look at the ways how Connected Classrooms contribute to Effective Learning:

  • Strengthen teacher student relationship: In the connected classroom setting, teachers and students can interact from anywhere they wish to. They need not restrict themselves to a scheduled time with a chalk and blackboard. In the traditional learning environment the teachers and the students would feel like they have been locked up in a room where they need to forcefully sit and listen to the lectures for hours. Now no more. Mobile learning has made downloads and surfing so easy. Apart from this the responsive designs have made work on smartphones so easier.
  • Instant feedback: Though the invention of mobile learning, the teachers and students can instantly view the progress and updates of each other and provide feedback instantly.
  • Improves student involvement: What happened in the traditional classrooms were that whenever a teacher would ask a question to the student, he or she would feel shy or uneasy to participate in front of a large number of other students in class. Now the concept no longer exists. Educators can directly ask questions over tablets and the students can instantly answer.
  • Flexibility in education: This is one of the vital and the most important advantage in connected classroom settings. Technology has infused learning in such a way that no commuting charges are involved. The teachers can teach from their own convenient places in their own preferred timings and the students can learn from the comfort of their homes.

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Throw some light on the essentials of Connected Classroom

Though not fully, however still the effective and the high rank companies have tried to inculcate mobile learning and connected classroom technologies into the work-field since years. Following are the essentials of a Connected Classroom. Take a Look..!

1. Internet distance voting: The voting process have become much easier for those who are reluctant to go to the polls. The new internet distance voting simplifies the process since people from now on can sit back at home, relax and cast their votes in comfort. NO longer the concept of standing in a large que exists.

2. Introduction of Wave 2 Wi-fi: More and more colleges and universities are replacing their network infrastructure with the better faster connectivity boosting 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-fi.

3. MOOCs to take off: MOOCs or the massive open online course has soon taken over the learning concept. More educational institutions are offering the same free of cost to enhance learning process.

4. Touch Screen teaching: Byod Casting or teaching through touchscreen has become famous among the online corporates these days. Video conferencing, web browsing and white boarding have become much easier with time.

5. Telepresence: The way a human being is given the experience of being in the location which he is operating via remote control refers to telepresence. The form of learning involves virtual reality (VR).

6. Guest Visits: In the kind of online learning, more and more eminent colleges and universities are connected in order to enhance the education process.

7. Online study: Huge strikes have been launched by the hard binding text books from all over the world with the invent of online learning. More and more universities are launching the E-book technology to promote the learning base.

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8. Improved and recorded learning: With the invention of technology more and more recorded presentations have improved the way of learning via improvised wireless networks.

9. Blended Learning: Blended learning have improved the way of education since classrooms and colleges have started using you tube video chats and lectures to impart knowledge.

10. Gamification: Gamification have increased the learning mode since the universities have adopted the new learning mode through video games and lectures.

11. Electronic communications: Electronic communication via smartphones and tablets have improved the way of education since information is available in seconds and the students can get access to experts online in case of doubts.

12. Video management: Learning has shown its new way through ramp videos via secure, controlled and measurable network.

13. Soft handling of technology: Soft technology means delicate mechanisms and finish to give you the best and quality experience. Therefore tender handling of those technology is required to enhance success.

14. Personalised Learning: With the invention of online study, learning has become personalised since it becomes easier for the students to prepare their own notes and stay connected with the professors online in case of a quarry.

Future of Connected Classroom learning

The connected classroom learning has made its future with huge online environment. The new form of classroom learning has transformed education to a large extent. Blended learning has got transformed to MOOCs, a Massive Open Online Course that eases the way of education. Teachers will be able to impart education with the use of graphics. These will be mostly beneficial for those who are professionals. Candidates who are involved in some jobs apart from learning, it is not possible for them to attend regular classes for training. They can easily sit back at their homes and access their PCs to study. The technology calls for 24 hours services, without a strict class timetable.

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Inference drawn

A new technology has come that rules and transforms the concept of education with all its benefits on the educators and the candidates. Its none else than connected classroom. Try It!

What is your point of view regarding the concept? Share with us.

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