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How Can Online Learning Help Boost Self Confidence And Employability?

Online learning has done its work in boosting up self confidence and employability. As the growing number of tablets and smartphones have increased, with the increasing number of new software for updated technologies, more and more families are getting higher level of self confidence with employment opportunities. Digital learning is not only about managing technical skills via smart phones, PCs and tablets but also something that builds self-confidence and increases job opportunities for the learners. There are immense competitiveness. Once someone is highly skilled with the knowledge of a new software, he or she gets chances for better employment.

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Programme founder Phil Wilkinson said, ‘The aim is three-fold. First, to support family learning using digital services specifically taking into account families with special educational need learners. Second, to develop digital literacy and to raise confidences in using digital technology. Finally, we are trying to foster a culture of school and community engagement.’

What is digitisation and how does it help improve use of technology to facilitate online education?

All those analog information that gets digitised through the language of technology is referred to as digitisation. In the traditional learning mode, students had to report to school on time and spend hours in the classroom to grab a course. Now things have changed. They can get free digital E-books from their smartphones and PCs.

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The researcher in digital media at Bournemouth University, Phill said, ‘ The project emerged as he was working with Samsung, the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy(IPACA) and Synergy Housing to explore how new gaining digital skills improves the quality of life of people who are disadvantaged.’

How families who lack funds get benefited by online learning?

Online learning comes with the opportunity to avail digital education free of cost. You only need to have an internet connection and you are done! The students and professionals who are engaged in some job can avail the facility of the course online through distance learning courses in the minimal cost. These days colleges have included modules like MOOCs, the free online education course that teaches in the form of video conferencing, online lectures and games.

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Phill added, ‘when families engage with technology together, the parents seem to benefit from their children’s playful abondon and the children benefit from their parents’ more thought-through and critical approach.’

How far the issue on employment is resolved with the help of online learning?

With the advancement and growth of updated technologies, the issue on employment is much resolved with online learning. As more people are getting skilled with the new software that are coming up, new job opportunities are knocking their door. This boosts self confidence and eliminates issue on unemployment.

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Teresa Barton, the digital inclusion project officer for Superfast Dorset and Skills and Learning, Bournemouth said, ‘Digital learning is not just about using a tablet or software. It also builds confidence, develops critical thinking skills and breaks down barriers for people. Once people are engaged and skilled up,—it’s empowering, they have better job opportunities, better access to services they need, better social networks and better relationships.’

Inference gathered

It’s a proven fact that online learning not only bring loads of information available to the users in seconds in the lowest possible cost, it helps boost up confidence and increase chances of employment.

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Phil Wilkinson said, ‘We are aiming to run another digital families programme in three locations including IPACA and NumberworksWords in Southborne. From this we will have a final set of 25 activities that will be available online for any parent, teacher or community worker to use.’

So, what do you think regarding digitisation and its opportunities? Share with us.

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