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Digitised Learning In Future Holds Key For Education

Online education has brought new scopes and possibilities for the learners. Equipped with education technology, learning has become more easy and engaging. With the increased use of digital mobile devices and internet, acquiring new and pertinent knowledge is simple as it was never before. That means the future of education is online learning though traditional learning will remain. But why e-learning is the future of education? Because it’s difficult to ignore the benefits of online learning and hence at some level students will require it to update their skill and knowledge. Valuable study contents and modern teaching techniques are the special feature of online education that scale up the standard of learning. Read on.

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Advantages of E-Learning

Online learning programmes are beneficial. In our life, we have certain obligations for which we fail to assist our children in their learning. And even if we do that may not be up the high quality. For the student and professionals, e-learning, Curry School of Education, University of Virginiang courses are boon for them. There are vast learning resources in the form of videos, text contents and PPTs which makes learning advanced with latest and updated information. Let’ us check on the advantages of online courses:

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  • Online learners have the freedom to choose time and place.
  • Online education allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Students can select any course and institute across the globe.
  • Online learning programmes are low priced/affordable.
  • Prospect of knowing the industry and market trend.

Learning simplified

E-learning has helped both students and teacher to receive and deliver knowledge information. Students might require learning assistance at any given time. Hence. It’s required to support them when they actually need teachers support. There are edu-techs that help teachers as well as students to connect to each other to resolve the scenario.

According to Rebecca Ellis, Learning Technology Integrator, Albemarle County Schools, “We decided we needed to find a way to make them more widely known. The easiest is the way to have them work with other kids.”

Like Ellis for many other teachers and educators online is most fit learning tool. Stephanie Moore, Professor, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia says that “online tools are a great resource for learning. The problem is how they are used. Where we see issues with this is with the non-instructional use of social media. The student goes home afterwards and they are on a social media site talking with their friends, talking about a wide range of topics.”

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Talking about the latest education technologies have evolved to make learning even more easy and meaningful. Eight grade student at Walton Middle School, Dashia says that she likes Rewordify, an online tool, that help in her understand learning swiftly. It transforms complex words to simple.

Learning in future

I have read many articles where scholars, experts, teachers and students say that online learning is the future of education. After going through the facts and figures I too think that e-learning has the potential of future education. Thanks to latest edu-techs and the initiatives that have brought the real purpose of education to the forefront.

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