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3 Creative Approaches That Is Changing Online Exam

Apart from similarities in study courses, online learning, from the mode of education delivery system to the way exams are conducted, is way too different from traditional learning. Traditional learning values classroom as the hub of learning where students are bounded by guidelines. Whereas online learning epitomises a much more flexible idea of imparting knowledge.

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As online learning is gaining its ground in educational system more and more students are opting for it. Online learning is definitely solving educational problems for the students who are bound to time and responsibilities. But the only question looms large is – Can online exam evaluate a student’s potentiality?

Yes, they can, as long as the online exams are conducted in a fair way.

Wondering how students take online exams? Well, at least they are not organised in brick-and-mortar traditional classrooms. On a serious note, most of the online exams are controlled by computers and related peripherals and software. And students take exams in their own comfort zone on their own computers. In an online exam, instructors have no way to keep their eyes on the students. Computers act as a substitution of teacher and also a vigilant in online exams.

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Online exams are designed in a way that students can not take unfair advantages of copying answers from internet or other sources. They have to have an in-depth knowledge to answer questions within time.

Students can take online exams mainly in three ways.

In-person proctor.

Most of the students take online exams in their own home, so, it is impossible for the teachers to identify the student. This is when a proctor needs to be hired. Proctored exams are much like taking exams in an orthodox way, administrate and controlled by proctors but in student’s home or in a different place. If the instructor feels the need of a vigilant in an exam, it is student’s responsibility to arrange proctor.

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Monitored by human via computers.

Hiring a proctor in person might not be the best idea for online exams. That’s the reason online learning institutes are up with the idea of hiring companies that offer online proctoring during online tests. Exams, by applying online proctoring service, are monitored by examiners through a computer equipped with webcam and remote administration software. Educators can track and surveil an in-exam student in real-time. Online monitoring system uses three-fold security protocol -

  • Verification of the identity of the student.
  • Watching the student’s face and tracking their eye-contact.
  • Watching their monitor.

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Virtual proctors.

This is the latest way of monitoring a student, where software, specially crafted for online exams, acts as a virtual proctor. There are several software available in the market which fulfills the requirement of an in-person proctor. The specialty of this kind of software is that they can track eye movement, which could be very helpful to stop cheating in online exams.

Online exams are convenient to make an assessment of the student’s progression by using technology. Hiring a proctor or taking an exam in a different place is to some extent problematic. To make online exam more secure an online monitoring system – blended with technology – is the best shot educators have.

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