Learning Mindset For Students And Professionals – Starting off With Online Learning

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Online learning environment is one of the fastest and easiest mode of learning. Interactivity and communication is encourged while dealing with the boredom of classroom training. If you are a working professional then you must know the trick to adjust with time and find time to learn. This is where technology pays off. Variation is […]

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Online Learning : Lowering The Risk Of Disengagement Of Students

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Online learning is the impelling tool for taking learning in the busy schedule of life. It’s, though, more suitable for the professionals but students of schools, college and university level can are benefited largely. The online distance learning comprises the most pertinent learning with the advanced education system. The e-learning course contains reliable researched learning […]

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Online High school: Transforming education with pertinent learning

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We are living in the world where technology has become almost integral part of human life. From industry to medical, technology has got better and more advanced. As different techs continue to support various requisite of mankind, digital technology has also penetrated to the education system. Edtech has helped to evolve distance learning. Online learning […]

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Research shows the faults in education for disabled students

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Serious concerns are being raised from time to time on how to provide effective and hassle free education to the students with disabilities. Researchers at the Centre on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities have recommended how online and mixed education can support the students. It shows that countries like the US are seriously considering […]

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Why change in education system is necessary?

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To tap the raising opportunities in the IT industry, India essentially will have to create globally qualified IT professionals. To remain employable and technological expert, Siddarth Bharwani, Director, Jetking, stresses on skill development. He advocates for change in the education system. He insists on concept oriented curriculum and to develop client-handling ability. Current education system […]

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